For the last two years Alda has been involved in an interesting multinational collaborative project called Lighthouse Keepers, Business and Human Rights In CCE and Central Asia. The project concluded this summer. Alda’s involvement in the project was diverse. Alda organized the workshop ‘Transparency, ethics and the relationship of NGO’s and Business, in Iceland June 2022, and a follow-up online workshop, ‘Codes of Conduct: A Guiding light or disciplinary tool?’ Alda produced a report on the results of these two events, which is one of the outputs of the project. In addition, Alda’s representatives shared their experience and knowledge through participation in various other events organized by the project, both online and at the project’s final conference in Warsaw.

The Lighthouse Keepers project was funded by The Active Citizens fund. The main subject of the cooperation was challenges related to human rights and business and the intersection of these factors, and one of the main goals was to share experiences and knowledge and create a platform for cooperation between parties in the participating countries. Apart from conferences and seminars, the project organized a summer school with participants from various countries for that purpose. When it comes to human rights, transparency and protection against corruption, the challenges are different between countries, different politics, different business environment and cultures, the environment for non-governmental organizations are different, as well as the rights of consumers, and that is why it is important for those who work with these issues to connect and learn from the experiences of others.

A few of the participants in the final conference in Warsaw.

It has been both useful and instructive for Alda to participate in this interesting partnership, and hopefully there will be an opportunity to work on more projects with the Lighthouse Keepers partners in the future.

Attached is PHIRB’s summary of the project.

Icelandic version of this post.