We have only one Earth, but we spend its resources as if we had many. If the overexploitation of resources will continue natural catastrophes will be impossible to avoided. The only solution is that the demand for economic growth will make way for the demand for sustainability.

Production and consumption must be sustainable, otherwise it’s only a matter of time before Earth’s resources will be exhausted and important ecosystems will crumble. An eternal growth in a world of limited resources is impossible. The demand for constant growth must be abandoned. An environmental certification of a product will be a a condition for production.

Self-governance of the Working People

Companies will abide by the democratic governance of those who work for them; each worker has one vote. Workers run the company together, decide its policies and structure. Research shows that democratic companies are at least equally efficient as capitalist companies but show better results socially.


The Market Continues

Markets for products and services will still exist like they do now. The market serves the purpose of establishing information about supply and demand, so companies can take informed decisions about production. The competition will no longer be about achieving monopoly but about informed production.

The Welfare System

A robust welfare system with equal access to education, healthcare and pension. Unemployment no longer considered normal. The goal is full employment. The main goal of the banking system is to create jobs, the state hires people to maintain a robust welfare system and to strengthen society’s infrastructure.

Shorter Working Hours – Fair Salary

Today the income differences ratio within a company can be as high as 500 to 1. In a democratic economy it can be assumed the income difference will be something like a ratio of 9 to 1. Employees can finally choose between higher salary or more time off because there is no longer a pressure for people to work as long hours as possible for as little salary as possible.