Alda is an association for developing ideas about how to establish a real democracy and sustainability. Our goal is to develop ideas about how to increase people’s quality of life, for example by shortening the working week, increasing the public’s influence on society and the workplace, along with the implementation of renewable energy sources. Alda presents its ideas to those who have the authority to put them into practice.

The essential idea behind Alda is to allow people to govern their own lives to a greater degree than now, and to allow them to live in a society that uses Earth’s resources in a renewable way, without exhausting them and damaging the planet’s ecosystem.

The association was formed in 2010, in the aftermath of the 2008 crash, when a group of people realized that the dominant ideology would not change despite the crash a couple of years earlier. Alda was established to work on new ideas as a counterweight to the established ideology.

A Political Party?

Alda is not a political party and never will be. The purpose of forming Alda was to form ideas and leave it to others to put them into action. That has not changed and is not likely to change. Alda is also not affiliated to any political party.

How Alda Works

Once a month there are board meetings where decisions are made about policy, resolutions and declarations are discussed along with other issues. All meetings of the association are advertised on our website at least two days in advance.

Every Alda meeting is open to all members of the public. All members have the right to vote, regardless of weather they are members of Alda or not. Alda’s rule is simple: one vote per person. Yet voting is rare since issues are usually discussed and resolved until a unanimous consensus is reached.

Numerous issues and policies have been worked on within Alda, including a draft of a template of rules for political parties to use as they choose, proposal for the shortening of the working week, a parliamentary resolution about democratic companies and much more.

Alda fights for its ideas in the public debate, but leaves it to politicians, political parties, interest groups, organizations and others to put them into practice.

Those who join the association receive regular e-mails about the work taking place.


Usually Alda has three kinds of meetings.

1. Meetings in affairs groups, which are working meetings where members gather and discuss the tasks that the association is working on. During those meetings tasks are prioritised, ideas are discussed and the status of tasks in progress. Group leaders oversee the groups and usually the works in progress. But everybody is free to participate, even if they are not members of Alda, and everybody has the same rights during those meetings. Usually a consensus is found, but failing that decisions come to a vote, with one vote per person. Everybody can propose a task to discuss and even take it upon themselves to work on those tasks, for example by gathering data, write texts or organizing an event.

2. Board meetings are decision-making meetings where proposals and tasks from affairs groups are discussed until there is either a consensus for them or against. During those meetings all tasks regarding the association and the work of the association are discussed until a consensus is reached. Consensus is always the goal but failing that things come to a vote, with one vote per person. The meetings are open to everybody.

3. Briefings are held for tasks that have been completed and have been approved during board meetings. During those meetings there is a presentation and after that questions and discussions. No decisions are made during those meetings. Everybody is welcome to attend.

Donations and Payments to Alda

The association accepts donations from individuals and legal entities. More about financial rules in Alda’s bylaws, here.