Alda – Association for Sustainability and Democracy handed the following proposals over The Constitutional Council in May 2011. Each proposal is followed by a summary and precedent if available and applicable. There are twelve proposals, and they regard the presidency, … Meira


The following article was written by Kristinn Már Ársælsson, a member of our board. openDemocracy published the article on their website on the 12th of November 2012 (see here). After the crash that destroyed Iceland’s economy, Icelanders started to take … Meira


What follows are questions and answers regarding The Constitutional Council’s proposals, which were submitted to Althing on the 29th of July, 2012. The questions were posed by a Spanish journalist and answered by Kristinn Már Ársælsson, a member of Alda’s … Meira


Alda has recently started a program with the aim of shortening working hours in Iceland. The short-term aim is to bring the average number of working hours per week down to 30-32 hours, in a period of two years. The … Meira


There is a pretty interesting conference starting tomorrow and Alda encourages all to attend. It´s held at the University of Iceland at Askja and starts around 9 am. Among the lecturers are world renowned scholars for example James S. Fishkin. … Meira


The Mondragon Experiment is a BBC documentary from 1980 about the origin and growth of the worker-owned cooperative in the Basque region of Spain.

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